Her help has been invaluable and often was a decisive factor in achieving superior results for my clients

Lance Winchester

Your continued dedication to your field is a tremendous asset to the individuals we represent

Mike Gallagher
The Gallagher Law Firm

Working with Janice is like having a doctor, lawyer and nurse who know what I need all rolled into one!

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Legal Medical Consulting Services

We provide a wide array of legal medical consulting services, including highly specialized services for our clients' Mass Tort, Toxic Tort, Pharmaceutical Liability, Products Liability and Medical Malpractice cases. From the initial client meeting all the way through litigation, we assemble, review, analyze, and summarize the medical records and related literature, as well as identify, locate and prepare the experts needed to aid your litigation team with the medical facts and issues relevant to your case.

Our years of experience with mass tort, toxic tort, pharmaceutical and product liability, and medical malpractice suits enables us to pinpoint your needs quickly and efficiently, even when unprecedented circumstances are involved.

We know the medicine, we know the issues, and we know what you need to prevail.

General Services

  • Review and analyze the case for merit, damages, recovery
  • Research medical records, case histories, studies, procedures, protocols
  • Strategize approach, working with applicable physicians and attorneys
  • Refer experts (physicians, nurses, technicians, and researchers) to render opinions and testify
  • Provide on-site consultation
  • Advise, prepare and brief legal staff*
  • Develop questions*
  • Prepare experts *
  • Prepare presentation materials (i.e. x-rays, graphs, artwork)*

*As relates to discovery, mediations, interviews, depositions, and trials

Specialized Services

The areas of litigation we support - Mass Tort, Toxic Tort, Pharmaceutical Liability, Products Liability and Medical Malpractice - have different legal approaches and require medical analysis and support to effectively demonstrate clients' damages to a jury of their peers. Accordingly, we have grouped our specialized services by these areas:

Mass Tort / Toxic Tort

  • Develop database protocols to properly and efficiently screen cases
  • Obtain and process medical records
  • Identify medical issues pertinent to case
  • Analyze medical records
  • Refer to appropriate medical experts
  • Coordinate medical data and evidence
  • Work with physician experts to understand and help the client apply past, present, and emerging science to the case
  • Educate attorneys on complex medical issues affecting causation
  • Prepare chronological medical summaries

Pharmaceutical Liability / Product Liability

  • Review the medical records to determine the related medical injuries
  • Prepare chronological medical summaries
  • Refer to appropriate medical experts

Medical Malpractice

  • Review and analyze medical records
  • Identify standard of care issues
  • Refer to appropriate medical, nursing or other health care provider experts
  • Prepare chronological medical summaries
  • Audit and analyze medical billing records
  • Review & analyze literature related to case

We are here to help you prevail.

Let our expert legal nurse consultants examine your case